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Beast Boy/Garfield LoganBlackfireClark and Lois Kent
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ConnerConner KentConner Kent Main Characters
Conner Kent Minor CharactersConner Kent Supporting CharactersConner Main Characters
Conner Minor CharactersConner Supporting CharactersCyborg/Victor Stone
Cyclops/Scott SummersDennis Fielder WikiFlash/Wally West
Gambit/Remy LeBeauGeneration XGeneration X Main Characters
Generation X Supporting CharactersGreen Lantern/John StewartHawkgirl/Shayera Hol
Jean GreyJustice EvolutionJustice Evolution Main Characters
Justice Evolution Minor CharactersJustice Evolution Supporting CharactersLegion of Superheroes Season 3-9
Legion of Superheroes Season 3-9 Main CharactersLegion of Superheroes Season 3-9 Supporting CharactersMartian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz
Nightcrawler/Kurt WagnerPeter's Christmas CarolPeter's Christmas Carol Main Characters
Peter's Christmas Carol Minor CharactersPeter's Christmas Carol Supporting CharactersPortal: Justice Evolution
Portal: Justice Evolution: ContactPortal: Justice Evolution: Hulk SmashPortal: Justice Evolution: Knowing the Team
Portal: Justice Evolution: Mind of a HeroPortal: Justice Evolution: Only a DreamPortal: Justice Evolution: Proteges and the Return of Captain America
Portal: Justice Evolution: Tabula RasaPortal: Justice Evolution: TwilightPortal: Justice Evolution: Two Earths
Portal: Teen TitansPortal: Teen Titans: AlexPortal: Teen Titans: Another's Eyes
Portal: Teen Titans: Clash for ControlPortal: Teen Titans: DuelaPortal: Teen Titans: Fear
Portal: Teen Titans: In HeatPortal: Teen Titans: Kryptonian BrawlPortal: Teen Titans: Mind of a Hero
Portal: Teen Titans: Mr. Myxyzptlk Strikes BackPortal: Teen Titans: Night on the TownPortal: Teen Titans: Protege
Portal: Teen Titans: Return of SladePortal: Teen Titans: Speed Demons 2.0Portal: Teen Titans: Superdog
Portal: Teen Titans: Terra's BackPortal: Teen Titans: The Grandson of KryptonPortal: Teen Titans: Toddler Titans
Portal: Teen Titans: X-RayPortal: Teen Titans Season 6Portal: Teen Titans Season 7
Prince Ben and Peter ParkerPrince Ben and Peter Parker Main CharactersPrince Ben and Peter Parker Minor Characters
Prince Ben and Peter Parker Supporting CharactersProfessor X/Charles XavierRaven
Raven WayneRaven Wayne Main CharactersRaven Wayne Minor Characters
Raven Wayne Supporting CharactersRobin/Tim DrakeRogue/Anna Marie
Shadowcat/Katherine "Kitty" PrydeSpectacular Spider-Man Season 3-Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3- Main Characters
Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3- Minor CharactersSpectacular Spider-Man Season 3- Supporting CharactersSpider-Man and the Beanstalk
Spider-Man and the Beanstalk Main CharactersSpider-Man and the Beanstalk Minor CharactersSpider-Man and the Beanstalk Supporting Characters
StarfireStarfire and the Seven Tiny TitansStarfire and the Seven Tiny Titans Main Characters
Starfire and the Seven Tiny Titans Minor CharactersStarfire and the Seven Tiny Titans Supporting CharactersStorm/Ororo Monroe
SuperboySuperboy/Conner KentSuperboy Main Characters
Superboy Minor CharactersSuperboy Supporting CharactersSuperman/Clark Kent
Talon/Laura HowlettTeen Titans Season 6-12Teen Titans Season 6-12 Main Characters
Teen Titans Season 6-12 Minor CharactersTeen Titans Season 6-12 Supporting CharactersTerra
The Legion of Story KeepersThe Legion of Story Keepers Main CharactersThe Legion of Story Keepers Minor Characters
The Legion of Story Keepers Supporting CharactersWolverine/James "Logan" HowlettWolverine and the X-Men Season 2-
Wolverine and the X-Men Season 2- Main CharactersWolverine and the X-Men Season 2- Supporting CharactersWonder Woman/Diana
X-Men Evolution Seasons 5-10X-Men Evolution Seasons 5-10 Main CharactersX-Men Evolution Seasons 5-10 Supporting Characters

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