Minor characters in Prince Ben and Peter Parker.


King Reilly - The father of Ben. He became gravely ill, and when he was on his death bed, he called his son to him and had him promise to rule the land justly and wisely.


Kayla thanks Ben.

Kayla Howlett - The peasant mother of two with her husband ill. When Phillips stole her only chicken, she comforted her daughter Laura. She was sympathized by Prince Ben and given a huge chicken from a wagon to hold them over until her husband was back on his feet.

Laura Howlett - The daughter of Kayla. When Phillips stole their only chicken, Laura yelled for Phillips to leave Kayla alone and kicked him in the shin. After Phillips left, Laura told Prince Ben how the king took all their food and hugged her mother's leg.

Jim Howlett - The son of Kayla. When Phillips stole their only chicken, Jim tried to help Kayla get it back but failed. When Prince Peter sympathized with them, Jim explained that such thefts happened all the time in the name of the king.


Alex O'Hern

O'Hern tries to move the wagon.

Alex O'Hern - The man in charge of the royal wagon. When Ben stopped him to get his wares, O'Hern refused until Ben showed him the royal ring. O'Hern then told Lieutenant Phillips and directed him to Ben.