Minor characters from season 3 onwards of Spectacular Spider-Man.


Crusher Hogan

Crusher wrestles with Spider-Man.

Crusher Hogan - The memory of Spider-Man's wrestling match with Crusher was used by the Symbiote to make Ben permanently bond with the Symbiote. Peter remembers his fight with Crusher the day after his birthday.

Sullivan Edwards - The memory of Edwards skimping on Spider-Man's money and getting robbed while Spider-Man let it happen was used by the Symbiote to make Ben permanently bond with him. Peter remembers Edwards crooked deal the day after his birthday.

Weapon XEdit


The Man-Spider unleashed.

Man-Spider - Man-Spider was created by Weapon X through cloning Peter and accelerating the spider DNA to make the clone more like a humanoid spider and non-sentient. It attacked the X-Men, Spider-Man, and Scarlet Spider. When Man-Spider began to pull Spider-Man towards it, Spider-Man blinded it with web fluid. It then chased after Scarlet Spider, but he cocooned Man-Spider in his compact webbing, defeating it.

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