Supporting characters in season 3 onwards of Spectacular Spider-Man.


Black Cat (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Black Cat as she's about to rob a bank.

Black Cat/Felicia Hardy - After the incident at the Vault, Black Cat was about to rob a bank when she was confronted by Spider-Man. Black Cat was against helping Spider-Man until he pointed out that if she didn't her father would die. Spider-Man then briefed Black Cat on the attack on the way to the Vault. Black Cat and Spider-Man arrived just in time to see Black Spider holding Hardy up. Black Cat tried t appeal to the fact that Ben was a hero to stop him, and it worked as it got Ben thinking about how great power came with great responsibility. Black Cat was cocooned by the Symbiote until Ben broke free of the Symbiote, which escaped. Black Cat then helped Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider escape, saying she'd see Hardy again on visitor's day, stating she had one while the Vault didn't. Outside, Black Cat forgave Peter and asked if he was still single, which he wasn't. Black Cat then gave Scarlet Spider a taste in case he got interested before heading off.

Sally and Peter

Sally drills Peter about where he was.

Sally Avril - When Sally met Ben, she squealed about the geek squad multiplying and cried for Rand to hold her. She was also shocked when Ben turned Liz down on a pseudo-date. At class, Sally ended up with Ben in a new ride-along. Sally then struck a deal with Ben to just get the ride-along over with. Sally also asked if Ben's blond hair was natural. When Spider-Man and another hero began fighting Jackal while Sally and Mary Jane watched, Sally wondered where Peter was and disbelieved Mary Jane's story that he was hidden, so he wouldn't interfere with the fight. She then questioned when there were two Spider-Men when the new hero told the civilians to go, and she took offense when the new guy called her Blondie until Mary Jane pulled her away. When Peter and Ben returned, Sally wanted to know where they were and asked why Peter wasn't there, but he agreed with Mary Jane's hiding story. Sally later ended up with the role of Gloria Upson in the school's production of Auntie Mame.

Betty Brant (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Betty greets Peter when he arrives.

Betty Brant - Betty reminded Jameson that he needed Peter for a party for John Jameson when he dropped off some pictures.

Uncle Ben (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Uncle Ben tells Ben that he's there for him.

Uncle Ben Parker - A fake memory of Ben's death where Peter saw Uncle Ben die was used by the Symbiote to make Ben want to kill Walter Hardy. Memories of Uncle Ben before he died were used on Ben by the Symbiote to weaken his resolve. However, this action allowed the memories of Uncle Ben to stop Ben from joining the Symbiote. Uncle Ben then showed Ben the memory of when he told Peter "With great power, comes great responsibility." Uncle Ben then proved his point when he and Peter showed Ben the memory of when Peter spared Hardy's life after finding out his identity, also showing many of Spider-Man's saves. When Black Spider said that since Ben arrived, Peter just necked with Mary Jane, Uncle Ben called it bull-plop and showed him all the times Peter and Ben worked together. When Ben finally figured out he wasn't alone and wasn't a carbon copy of Peter, Uncle Ben wished the two good luck as they double teamed the Symbiote. When the Symbiote refused to surrender, Uncle Ben said that it never learned, shortly afterwards, the Symbiote was driven out of Peter. Right after that, it was revealed by Walter Hardy that he and Ben were old friends, and when he came down, Uncle Ben tried to stop Hardy from doing this, but Hardy got startled by wind and accidentally shot Uncle Ben. Shortly after Peter got his powers, he heard Uncle Ben and Aunt May talk about money problems. Uncle Ben then insisted on driving Peter to the library when he was about to head out as they hadn't had too much quality time since the field trip. This of course led to Uncle Ben's death.
Peter and Aunt May

Aunt May meets the clone.

Aunt May Reilly-Parker - When Peter and Ben arrived at Aunt May's house, Peter revealed to her that he was Spider-Man, while she simply sighed with relief and said that it was about time he told her. She then explained she knew Peter was Spider-Man since his first Bugle photo was published. May then met Peter's clone, Ben Reilly. May was honored by Ben giving himself her maiden name and accepting him as an extra nephew. After Ben's first fight with Spider-Man against the Jackal, May helped Ben make a new costume, which he used as the Scarlet Spider. When Ben asked if his superhero name sounded feminine, Aunt May sidetracked it by changing the subject to the fact that she volunteered for the adopt-a-con program. As Peter and Ben left for school, May called for the two to get home as fast as possible. At home, Aunt May verbally agreed with Peter that he and Mary Jane were just friends before winking at Ben. She then met the con they'd be helping reform, Quintin Beck. Aunt May then taught Beck cooking as a way to give him a new trade. When Peter and Ben arrived, she told Peter that he got a part in the play, that she was celebrating by making lobster, which she hadn't done since she and Ben had adopted Peter. A few weeks later when Ben left to help Spider-Man fight the New Enforcers, Aunt May asked Ben to try and be home for dinner. That night, while Aunt May and Peter got ready for dinner, she asked how Peter's superhero life was going. Aunt May then began to feel weak and passed out. A memory of Aunt May from the field trip was used by the Symbiote in an attempt to weaken Ben's resolve. In the hospital, after Ben had gotten rid of the Symbiote, Aunt May woke up and explained she'd simply had a bad dizzy spell and assured Peter and Ben that if she was gone, they'd have their friends to help them. After making a full recovery, Aunt May returned home and got a call from Peter that he and Ben would be home by 9:50 before she fell asleep. When she awoke, she learned that Peter and Ben had just been in a fight with Venom. After the boys' second fight with Venom, which resulted in Venom's defeat, Peter headed off to the movies with Mary Jane and learned from a visiting George Stacy that he knew that Peter was Spider-Man. A week after the fight with Venom, Aunt May threw a birthday party for Peter. During the party, Aunt May was unusually quiet when Peter talked to her about it. Aunt May then explained how she was thinking about how it was going to be a year, next month, since Uncle Ben was killed. The next night she heard from Peter that he was busy fighting a new villain called the Hobgoblin when Ben went off to help. When Peter got home, Aunt May asked if he was okay, which Peter assured her she was.

John Jameson (Spectacular Spider-Man)

John just before the incident.

John Jameson - John recovers from the mental effects of the spores from the Symbiote and has a party to celebrate his recovery. He then met up with Peter and met his new girlfriend Mary Jane Watson. When the Hobgoblin arrived, John lead everyone outside with Mary Jane.

Walter Hardy (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Hardy runs to Ben's car.

Walter Hardy - In the Vault, Hardy was confronted by Black Spider. Hardy was then attacked by Black Spider until Spider-Man, revealing himself as Peter Parker, and Felicia managed to get through to Ben, and he got rid of the Symbiote. Figuring out Peter was Spider-Man, Hardy explained he had been friends with Uncle Ben, and when he had run out, he met with Uncle Ben and almost gave the money back before a breeze startled him, and he accidentally shot Uncle Ben. Hardy was then forgiven by Peter as Black Cat left with the two while Black Cat said she'd see him on visitor's day, which the Vault didn't have, but Black Cat did.


Professor Xavier (Wolverine and the X-Men)2

Professor X listens to Scarlet Spider.

Professor Charles Xavier - When Scarlet Spider arrived asking for help, he was greeted by Xavier. When he learned that Spider-Man had been captured by Weapon X, Xavier wondered why Stryker wanted Spider-Man and agreed to help. Xavier then used Cerebro to find Spider-Man and found him in the Weapon X base. When X-23 was angry about not going on the mission, Xavier advised her to take it easy.

Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett - Logan was present when Scarlet Spider arrived and explained that Spider-Man was missing. Wolverine then accompanied Scarlet Spider in preparing to find Spider-Man. When Liger and Emma were about to argue, Wolverine told them to take it easy. After finding out where Spider-Man was, Wolverine prepared to lead the X-Men on the rescue mission for him. When X-23 asked to go, Wolverine asked if she did all her homework, and when she said no, he prepared to go without her. When Gambit joked about always ending up at the Weapon X base, Wolverine assured Scarlet Spider that he was exaggerating and told Iceman to puke on the ground. Once the Blackbird landed, Wolverine declared for the X-Men to get Spider-Man and then get out of there. Wolverine then called getting into the base simple as Cyclops blew the door off. Once soldiers arrived, Wolverine claimed that this was where the fun would begin. Wolverine later complimented Scarlet Spider on incapacitating the guards. Wolverine also groans when Deadpool shows up. Wolverine eventually leads the X-Men to Stryker and after saving Spider-Man and dealing with the Man-Spider, Wolverine goads Electro into attacking, which leads into a knock out blast by Cyclops. Wolverine then agrees that he couldn't believe that worked. Wolverine then took a serum from Thornton and poured it in Electro's mouth to turn him back into a human before saying he'll take Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, and Electro back to New York.

Jean Grey (Wolverine and the X-Men)2

Jean after she fails to read Electro's mind.

Jean Grey - Jean was present when Scarlet Spider arrived and explained that Spider-Man was missing. Jean then agrees to find Spider-Man with Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men. After saving Spider-Man and dealing with Man-Spider, Jean tried to invade Electro's mind, but his electrical body stopped Jean from entering it. After Electro was defeated, she returned home.

Cyclops/Scott Summers - Scott was present when Scarlet Spider arrived and explained that Spider-Man was missing. Scott asked who took Spider-Man, and he learns that it was Stryker. Cyclops then agrees to find Spider-Man with Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men. At the Weapon X base, Cyclops broke down the door with his optic blast. He then groaned when they had to deal with Deadpool. After saving Spider-Man and dealing with Man-Spider, Cyclops knocked Electro out with a surprise Optic Blast, disbelieving how easy that was. After Electro was defeated, she returned home.

Nightcrawler (Wolverine and the X-Men)

Nightcrawler makes small talk.

Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner - Nightcrawler agreed to help Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men save Spider-Man from Weapon X. Nightcrawler agreed with Wolverine that Gambit was exaggerating how many times the X-Men attacked the Weapon X base. Nightcrawler assisted in fighting the soldiers and after Deadpool, Man-Spider, and Electro were stopped, he returned home.

Rogue/Anna Marie - Rogue agreed to help Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men save Spider-Man from Weapon X. Rogue later assured her boyfriend Liger that he can probably continue fighting after they saved Spider-Man. Rogue assisted in fighting the soldiers and after Deadpool, Man-Spider,and Electro were stopped, he returned home.

Iceman (Wolverine and the X-Men)

Iceman fights some of the soldiers.

Iceman/Bobby Drake - Iceman agreed to help Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men save Spider-Man from Weapon X. Iceman asked if there was a bathroom on the Blackbird before Wolverine told him to puke on the ground. Iceman did so out of nerves. Iceman assisted in fighting the soldiers and after Deadpool, Man-Spider, who Iceman commented didn't look happy, and Electro were stopped, he returned home.

Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde - Shadowcat agreed to help Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men save Spider-Man from Weapon X. Shadowcat later explained to Scarlet Spider that Iceman was puking due to nerves. Shadowcat assisted in fighting the soldiers and after Deadpool, Man-Spider,and Electro were stopped, she returned home.

Gambit (Wolverine and the X-Men)

Gambit jokes about invading the base again.

Gambit/Remy LeBeau - Gambit agreed to help Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men save Spider-Man from Weapon X. On the way, Gambit joked about how they spent a lot of time attacking the Alkali Lake base. Gambit assisted in fighting the soldiers and after Deadpool, Man-Spider,and Electro were stopped, he returned home.

Emma Frost - Emma agreed to help Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men save Spider-Man from Weapon X. When Scarlet Spider ogled her, Emma assumed Scarlet Spider had never saw someone like her. She also took offense when Liger joked at how her uniform looked like a Vegas showgirl's outfit. Emma assisted in fighting the soldiers and after Deadpool, Man-Spider,and Electro were stopped, he returned home.


Kayla talks to Jim.

Kayla Silverfox-Howlett - Kayla was present when Scarlet Spider informed the X-Men that William Stryker had kidnapped Spider-Man and chastised Jim for swearing. Kayla agreed to help Scarlet Spider and the other X-Men save Spider-Man from Weapon X. Kayla later told Scarlet Spider and Liger to stop arguing on the Blackbird, or she'd separate them like little children. Kayla assisted in fighting the soldiers and after Deadpool, Man-Spider,and Electro were stopped, he returned home.

X-23/Laura Howlett - X-23 wanted to help save Spider-Man, but Wolverine didn't let her since she hadn't finished her homework. X-23 protested that she fought with everyone else when they fought Apocalypse, but she was still turned down, though she managed to get Liger to take her turn watching their baby siblings.


Jim's ready.

Liger/James "Jim" Howlett Jr. - Jim was present when Scarlet Spider informed the X-Men of William Stryker kidnapping Spider-Man, apologizing for swearing at this. When Scarlet Spider goggled at Emma, Jim joked that it was because she barely wore a shirt and how her outfit made her look like a Vegas showgirl. When X-23 sulked about not being allowed to go, Liger promised to do anything for X-23 when they returned home, which turned out to be taking care for their infant siblings for X-23. Liger then groaned about doing that and called Scarlet Spider's name feminine before Kayla ordered him not to fight. Liger then found comfort with Rogue. Liger then groaned when he found out they had to fight Deadpool, so Liger simply cut off Deadpool's head and tossed it to Scarlet Spider, claiming it was fun. During the fight with Man-Spider, Liger asked what Scarlet Spider was doing when he antagonized Man-Spider, which turned out to be a way to stop Man-Spider. When he fought Electro, he got blasted into a wall. After Electro were stopped, Liger asked what Wolverine would do with the now human Electro. After dropping Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, and Electro off in New York, he returned home.


Sandman (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Sandman prepares to fight for his big score.

Sandman/Flint Marko - A robotic version of Sandman was used by Tinkerer to fight Scarlet Spider at his lab. Sandman was destroyed when a pumpkin bomb ended up hitting him after Scarlet Spider dodged it.
Miles Warren (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Miles Warren tells Peter and Gwen to just look around and leave when they wish.

Jackal/Miles Warren - While looking at blood samples of Peter Parker's and Gwen Stacy's, Warren learned that Peter Parker was Spider-Man due to genetic abnormalities and managed to clone him. When Peter and Gwen arrived for their internship, Warren said they could look around and return home when they wished as he went to work on his research. In his office, Warren worked to synthesize jackal DNA as he prepared to take credit for Connors' work and sell the Spider-Man clone on the black market. After injecting the Jackal DNA into himself, becoming covered in green fur. Warren then learned that the clone had disappeared, leaving him to believe Spider-Man did it, so the next night, he attacked a bank, ordering for Spider-Man. When Spider-Man arrived, he covertly explained he stole the clone from him until the clone arrived in a make-shift hero outfit. Jackal then revealed himself to be Miles Warren and attacked before the clone kicked him down and Spider-Man webbed him up. Jackal later called out that he needed the clone which prompted Spider-Man to say that it sounded a little gay. Jackal then admitted to Captain Stacy that he was Miles Warren and was given Gene Cleanser by Stacy. When he tried to reveal who Spider-Man was, Stacy stopped him and explained that it would equal attempted genocide due to all of Spider-Man's enemies, so he was simply arrested and continued to plot his revenge.

Mysterio (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Mysterio attacks Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider.

Mysterio/Quintin Beck - At a store, Mysterio was confronted by Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider. Mysterio then tried to throw Scarlet Spider off his game by commenting on how his name sounded feminine. Scarlet Spider then punches him in the head, so that his fishbowl breaks. Beck is then sent to prison, but he's released into the custody of May Parker due to the adopt-a-con program, where he would not be allowed out of the house. That night, May taught Beck how to cook, which he observed she loved as much as he loved acting. Beck then appeared surprised when Peter told him about a Venom robot. A Mysterio robot then fought Scarlet Spider when he investigated Tinkerer. The robot had a perfect match of Mysterio's personality, and Scarlet Spider destroyed the robot by kicking it into the wall. A few weeks later, Mysterio snuck out of the Parker house, leaving a robotic duplicate behind, and attacked Scarlet Spider. When he was revealed to be Beck, Mysterio said that you couldn't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and called Scarlet Spider a Missy before he kicked Scarlet Spider into a sewer. When he emerged as Black Spider, Beck was webbed up and knocked unconscious.

Tinkerer (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Tinkerer with the Mysterio robot.

Tinkerer - In an effort to draw Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider to him, Tinkerer made various robots designed to look, fight, and act like a different Spider-Man villain. When Scarlet Spider confronted him, Tinkerer had his robots fight him, but they were all defeated and Tinkerer was knocked out and put in jail.

Electro/Max Dillion - At Ravencroft when Deadpool greeted Electro as Max, he shouted that his name was Electro. After being broken out, Electro asked what was in Canada. In Canada, William Stryker promised Electro that if he brought them Spider-Man, they'd make him human again, with him still being able to lose his powers. At New York, Electro greeted Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider and fried both of their webs when Spider-Man called him, Maxie. Electro then knocked both Spider-Men unconscious with his powers and took Spider-Man to Alkali Lake. Electro then asked to be human again before Thornton told Electro to calm himself and that they'd get to him soon. After Scarlet Spider came to Alkali Lake with the X-Men and defeated both Deadpool and Man-Spider, Electro fried Liger and was about to do the same to Wolverine before he was knocked out by Cyclops' optic blast. He was then given the antidote by Wolverine and returned to being a human. Electro was then dropped off at Ravencroft again.

Kingpin (Spider-Man)

Kingpin hires the New Enforcers to eliminate Spider-Man.

Kingpin - The new crime boss with the defeats of Tombstone and the Green Goblin. A few weeks after that, Kingpin hired the New Enforcers to eliminate Spider-Man, saying they could leave Scarlet Spide to make things simpler.

New EnforcersEdit

Shocker/Montana - Shortly after escaping the Vault again, Shocker asked Kingpin what he wanted the New Enforcers for. When he learned that Kingpin wanted Spider-Man dead, Shocker asked if that went for Scarlet Spider too. Shocker agreed. They then attacked the Daily Bugle to find Peter Parker and thus Spider-Man. Shocker asked Jameson where Peter was when Spider-Man arrived. Shocker refused to give up the identity of the Kingpin and knocked Spider-Man out of the window. Shocker then went down with the others and confronted the Black Spider. Shocker then noted Black Spider's new suit and attacked him, which only tickled. Shocker was then grabbed in a choke hold by Black Spider and punched repeatedly until Gwen stopped him.

New Enforcers

Ricochet with Shocker and Ox.

Ricochet/Fancy Dan - When Kingpin hired the New Enforcers to deal with Spider-Man, Richochet agreed. When Black Spider intervened, he webbed Ricochet's feet to the ground.

Ox - When Kingpin hired the New Enforcers to deal with Spider-Man, Ox agreed. When Black Spider intervened, he knocked Ox into a wall.

Weapon XEdit

Lady Deathstrike (Hulk vs. Wolverine)

Lady Deathstrike talks about how she'd like to kill Spider-Man.

Lady Deathstrike/Yuriko Oyama - When Spider-Man was held prisoner, Lady Deathstrike was eager to kill him, which included cutting out Spider-Man's eye balls. She didn't get the chance as Spider-Man was saved by the X-Men.

Sabertooth/Victor Creed - When Spider-Man was held prisoner, Sabertooth kept watch on him and growled at Spider-Man's comment that he needed a shave. Sabertooth then asked where Deadpool was, and when he found out he was fighting the X-Men, Sabertooth groaned at Deadpool fighting the X-Men, lacking faith in him. Sabertooth then willingly brings out Spider-Man when Scarlet Spider and the X-Men arrive.

Deadpool (Hulk vs. Wolverine)

Deadpool says that he and the X-Men have fun times.

Deadpool/Wade Wilson - Deadpool broke Electro out of Ravencroft and took him to Canada, telling Electro to ask Dennis Fielder why. After Spider-Man was captured and Man-Spider was created, Deadpool joked that they were making a Chewbacca for the Star Wars convention. He then asked Spider-Man to ask them what their evil plan was. Deadpool then explained that they took Spider-Man's DNA and accelerated the spider DNA to create Man-Spider to hunt down Mutants, which Deadpool thought was pretty cool. Deadpool then told Spider-Man that they took off his mask when they cloned him, placing the blame on Dennis Fielder and Miracleboy5200. When the X-Men and Scarlet Spider invaded, Deadpool fought them, claiming they had fun times, before Liger cut Deadpool's head off and tossed it to Scarlet Spider. Deadpool then asked Scarlet Spider to put his head back on.

Omega Red (Hulk Vs. Wolverine)

Omega Red explains that Deadpool was sent to fight the X-Men.

Omega Red - When Sabertooth asked where Deadpool was, Omega Red explained that he was fighting the X-Men.

William Stryker - A few weeks after the battle with Apocalypse, Stryker sent Deadpool to bring Electro to their base. Stryker then told Electro to bring Spider-Man to Weapon X, so that they could clone him and promised to make him human again, with his powers, if Electro did that. After Spider-Man was captured, un-masked, and used to create Man-Spider, Stryker explained to Spider-Man how his DNA will help them against the Mutants. Once Stryker learned that the X-Men and Scarlet Spider had gotten in, he placed the base in lockdown and confronted them, complimenting Liger's Adamantium coating. Stryker agreed to release Spider-Man and then introduced the heroes to Man-Spider. After Man-Spider and Electro were defeated, Stryker let the X-Men leave.

Thornton (Wolverine and the X-Men)

Thornton tells Electro to calm down.

Professor Thornton - Thornton was called a baldy by Spider-Man, and he calmly called him charming. Thornton then told Electro to calm down as he was getting excited over being human again. Thornton then willingly gave up the serum he had just made to Wolverine to turn Electro human again aftet the X-Men and the Spider-Men had defeated Man-Spider and Electro.