Supporting characters in Spider-Man and the Beanstalk.


Mary Jane Watson (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Mary Jane as she appears when she sings.

Mary Jane Watson - Mary Jane is a princess of Happy Valley, though she's not related to Gwen biologically. Her singing voice helped keep Happy Valley bright and cheerful while people came from all over to hear her voice. Her voice was so beautiful, it inspired the other people of the valley to sing along and that quickened their work. This led to great prosperity. Unfortunately, one day a mysterious shadowed creature kidnapped Gwen and Mary Jane. Mary Jane was then locked in a chest by the giant that kidnapped her and Gwen. One day when three boys arrived, Mary Jane asked for help and told one of the boys, Peter, that she was kidnapped by a giant. When the giant, Flint Marko, captured the boys, save Peter who secretly escaped Marko's grip, Mary Jane was pulled out and began to sing to Marko to put him to sleep, so Peter could get the key, putting instructions to get it into the song. After Peter got the key and freed his friends, Mary Jane and Gwen went with them and got down the beanstalk the boys came up by shortly before Marko got onto it. After Peter and Ben cut down the beanstalk, Mary Jane said thank you to all of the boys, particularly Peter. After happiness returned to Happy Valley, Mary Jane and Peter got married and had a daughter named May.

Gwen Stacy (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Gwen advises a villager, who flirts with her.

Gwen Stacy - Gwen Stacy is the princess of Happy Valley. She made fair rules and kept the valley clean. Unfortunately, one day a mysterious shadowed creature kidnapped Gwen and Mary Jane. Gwen was then made into a maid for the giant who kidnapped her and Mary Jane. One day when three young boys arrived, Gwen asked for help and confirmed that a giant had kidnapped them. Gwen clutched at the chest when the giant, Flint Marko arrived. After Mary Jane sung Marko to sleep, she escaped with Mary Jane and the boys. She got to the bottom of the beanstalk just before Marko got on. After two of the boys, Peter and Ben, cut the beanstalk, Gwen agreed that all three boys were very brave. After happiness returned to Happy Valley, Gwen married Ben and had a son named George.